Skin Regimen Recharging Mist


Fine hydrating antioxidant face mist with Biotech Fermented Extract and Longevity Complex. Helps to protect, hydrate and refresh the skin while providing shielding action from blue light.

  • Hydrating, antioxidant action
  • Helps protect the skin from the blue light damage
  • Ideal to be applied over makeup throughout the day
  • 100% natural aroma with Rose flower and Lavender


Antioxidant and protective action from blue light*

*clinical test, instrumental measurement, 20 women, application of Recharging Mist four times a day for 28 days.+ 17% skin hydration after a single application of the product.

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How to use:

Close eyes and spray on face and neck from a distance of approximately 20cm (8 in). Repeat as needed throughout the day. Four daily applications ensure optimal hydration and protection.


Take it with you to the office, or when traveling. Ideal for protecting skin when exposed to electronic devices, blue light sources, air conditioning and heated environments.