Comfort Zone Body Strategist Thermo Cream


Body cream with thermogenic action, formulated with Unicellular Microalgae, Pure Caffeine, Fucus and Aescin promotes reshaping effect on the silhouette.

  • Thermogenic activity
  • Reshaping and nourishing action
  • Ideal for resistant and localized adipose cellulite
-1 cm average thigh circumference reduction(instrumental test*);
Reduction of fat dimples for 80% of the panel(self-assessment);
*Tests by independent laboratories, panel of 20 people, 30 days.


86% natural-origin ingredients. pH 5-6.2 Free from synthetic fragrance, silicones, SLES, SLS. Suitable for vegans. Produced with energy from renewable resources. CO2 compensated packaging.
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How to use:

Apply product twice a day with a quick and gentle massage. Wash your hands after applying the product. For an intensive action: apply Body Strategist Peel Scrub, then take a hot shower, dry the skin and apply the cream.

Do not use the product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, suffer from capillary fragility or thyroid disorders and during and after sun exposure. It is advisable to clearly explain the product’s thermogenic effect when recommending it to ensure that the customer is not alarmed when seeing the skin reaction.