FROM: Elaine C.

I had a pedicure today with Amanda and she did a fabulous job! The foot massage was amazing! This was my first time getting a pedicure there and I will certainly go there again.  It was a very relaxing experience!

FROM: Darlene K

I recently started to lose my hair from chemo treatments.  Recommended by a friend, I made an appointment at City Looks Women’s Wig & Scalp Center.  Upon walking in I was very very anxious and nervous!  Deb welcomed me and made me feel at ease immediately with her expertise and caring manner.  Thank you Deb for helping me with the difficult task of choosing a wig and shaving off my hair in a private room.  I highly recommend any cancer patient  coming here.  Thank you.

FROM: Julie N

I purchased a wig from Deb in The winter as I was diagnosed with cancer. I am a hairstylist myself so my hair is my statement and I was devastated about having to lose it. Deb took the time to help me pick out a wig based on my wants and needs. She also took the time to explain to me how to care for my wig and for my scalp and educate me about the products she sent me home with. I feel like me when I wear my wig which is very important to me. Thank you Deb for all your efforts to satisfy my needs!!

FROM: Leslie N

I came for a facial because of dry skin.  The Best Facial Ever!  I love the Knowledge they have of their skin care line and the line itself felt amazing.  I love the look and texture of my skin. 

FROM: Joanne

I don’t have any real problems with my feet, I came for the enjoyment of the pedicure.  Shelby was awesome and I enjoyed the tea as well.  I am now coming every 5 weeks to better care for me and my feet.  Love it.

FROM: Julie S

I came to City Looks Spa becasue of my dry feet and after a pedicure they feel smooth and beautiful.  I really enjoyed the whole process it felt great.  I enjoy all the staff.

FROM: Tannis S

I highly recommend Natalie as a stylist and colorist.  She’s AWESOME!

FROM: Cathy McK.

I started experiencing dryness and I was using products from purchased from the mall.  Since i started with the facials and Eminence my skin is glowing.  The experience is relaxing and my skin feels great.  I always book with Amanda she is fantastic, amazing and gives a great experience.

FROM: Tammy J

I started coming here as I needed help looking after my feet.  I have tried other spas for services and they weren’t as pristine, clean and friendly.  You truly care about your customers and staff.  I love how relaxing and friendly the atmosphere is.  I am hoping to try more of your services.

FROM: Cathy D.

I was tried of my nails being weak and splitting.  I invested in gel nail extensions and now I love my nails now as they can grow longer.  I never have to worry about breaking a nail.  My nail polish never chips or peels.  Go for it – you are worth it!

FROM: Bri-Anne S.

I have facials because of my breakouts and milia.  I have stopped buying drug store skin care and i find with Eminence my skin is clearer, less dryness and more brighter.  This is the best relaxing experience ever!  Brittaney is Amazing!

FROM: D. Barscello

I was concerned with my flaky skin and it is oily too!  After my facial my skin feels great.  The massage while getting the facial was so relaxating.  I would rather buy the Eminence Skin Care Line because of the quality and I dont have to use as much product to get better results.  

FROM: Jennifer D.

I came due to acne pore skin and areas of dryness.  After the facial my skin feels amazing.  Definitely try it! It made my skin feel so amazing and soft.  Shelby was great

FROM: Deanna O

Jenn is awesome. Fun atmosphere and a very great stylist.”

FROM: Tina G

“I love Brittany, and the head massage. I love using their skin line Eminence. I also enjoy Redken hair care. They are the best products.”

FROM: Charlene R

“Services are awesome & I can get everything done in one place.  Love my hair!”

FROM: Erin B

“Love everything!  Relaxing, great conversation & amazing hair.”

FROM: Debbie B

 I originally went to City Looks because I had surgery on my leg and the salon was very accessible. I stayed long after my recovery because Kali was such a wonderful stylist.  Last year I experienced hair loss due to a medication I was taking and Kali and Deb helped me through the process and got me back to my thick original hair!   I will always be thankful for their knowledge, kindness and professionalism. I would recommend City Looks to anyone looking for a salon that not only styles your hair professionally but also treats you with respect and helps you through the tough times when you need it!

FROM: Arlene S

I love the skin repair facial to help reduce my fine line and brighten up my skin. I am so excited about how all over hydrated my face feels, how my fine lines are minimized.  I feel radiant.  I am know using the Clear Skin Line on my 2 teenagers.

FROM: Sherry D

I recommend this spa to everyone.  I started by treating my daughters to the services and product and now they are telling their friends.  I finally realized that I should have being doing skin repair facial with Eminence a lot sooner.  Now I am finally looking as young as I feel.

FROM: Sylvia M

The best thing about my service is my technician Nicole.  She is an excellent beautician with a great sense of humour.  The service I experienced was 10 out of 10.  The stress I felt before the service disappeared.  I was pampered and treated royally.

FROM: Courtney P

What a beautiful salon and spa.  I felt very comfortable.  My feet feel really good, the massage and sugar scrub was wonderful.

FROM: Kristy S

I was in for a skin repair facial with Danielle and I just wanted to pass on how incredibly satisfied I was.  Danielle was thorough, kind and informative about how I could continue getting the results I wanted with my skin.

FROM: Carrie W

I was at a funeral on a very windy day. My wig did not move, it stayed secure on my head. After receiving a compliment on my hair I said it is a wig. The person was totally blown away that my wig was not. Amazing fit.

FROM: Salma

I was in a panic attack and I found the number of City Looks who saved my life almost. I could never be really confident about myself, would always look down on me because of my hair. My confidence on myself came back after City Looks gave me a hope of help and actually made a nightmare hair to a beautiful looking hair. I can’t thank them enough for their awesome caring service. Thank you!

FROM: Chris

Hi Deb, Here is my testimonial. I am a breast cancer patient. After my 6 cycles of chemotherapy, I was to have 25 rounds of radiation. Being a bit apprehensive because of my weaken body, I sought the advise of Deb McMillin of City Looks. She had experience in advising caner patients on head prosthesis. She advised me on a treatment protocol for skin issues occurring as the result of radiation. The first treatment consisted of applying a Deep Tissue moisture cream that was applied to the skin for several days prior to initiating treatment and than applying immediately for each post radiation treatment, I found the use of the deep tissue moisture cream delayed the burning and drying skin issues. I introduced the Laser Therapy Immediate Relief cream when I had signs of burning and redness. I used the laser therapy immediate relief cream to the end of my radiation treatment. My skin survived the complete treatment with minimal negative effects. The only recommendation I would have is to apply both creams to a broader area of your body as the radiation covers a wide area.

FROM: Diane Barker, 15+ year client

Térapo Médik to the rescue! We’ve seen great results from our scalp therapy products. Diane wrote us to tell us about her success: I have naturally curly hair that is very fine and I don’t have much of it. I noticed that my scalp was becoming very itchy. I did some research and discovered that an itchy scalp can be part of the joys of going through menopause. I mentioned this to Sylvie and she recommended I have my scalp analyzed. I jumped at the chance to have this done and I have told everyone I know that they should have it done. It was amazing! I started on a treatment plan that included Feminine Complex (shampoo and lotion). It didn’t take long for me to notice a big change in my hair. It was behaving differently, in a good way. It felt like I had more hair and that my hair was “standing up” more. My hair usually falls flat and parts, showing my gray roots, which I hate. Now my hair stays full and stands up, no part, no flatness and no roots showing! I haven’t felt the need for a hair cut for my past 3 appointments. Trust me – this is a big deal. I may soon be able to go 6 weeks for my color touch-up from the current 5!! Sylvie also added the Protective Action Lotion to my treatment plan, which is for sensitive scalp/itching. I switch each day between using the Feminine Complex Lotion and the Protective Action Lotion. I love the shampoo, it smells great and you only need a small amount. The product line is all natural and is made in Canada. Great way to support local!

FROM: Sandra

Good looking hair is my vanity. I’ve always received compliments about the way I did my hair no matter what color it was. I have fine hair but enough to look good. Then 2 years ago, I had a medical situation arise, and my hair started thinning out. WOW… I was looking at “Mrs. Frumpy”. That is not me. Do I wear more hats? What about when I’m at public functions? Should I get wigs? Hairpieces? What should I do? My hair is fine so it might be a bit difficult for a hair piece. I have loved and worn wigs “a million years ago” for fun. Then I discovered Sylvie and Capilia treatments. Within 6 months, my hair was 90-95% back to normal. I chose to keep coming every 4-6 weeks because I told Sylvie I wanted to keep tabs on my hair. I like the results I get from my treatments. I like the friendly and knowledgeable service I get. I like the fact that there is no pressure put on me to continue. I love that it is pay as you go appointments. I will get a wig sometime this next year for fun and convenience. It has made a world of difference.

FROM: Audrey

Such a great experience!! Thank you Deb for your expertise and excellent pick for my new wig. I never expected to have the “perfect fit” and feel so good about wearing a wig. You helped me through the experience-thank you so much. It was fun. You are great!! I love my new hair!! Thank you so much!

FROM: Jay-Ann

I went to Cancer Care MB looking for information on wigs. As I was looking at pamphlets, a woman in the waiting area suggested I see Deb at City Looks. I never called any other places and was very happy with the service I received from Deb. Recently diagnosed with cancer, I was anxious about losing my hair. Deb made me feel comfortable about the whole process and I found myself laughing instead of crying. Deb predicted I would receive many compliments on “my hair” and she was right! She made a difficult situation more bearable. Thank you.

FROM: Jackie

I learned about City Looks on a radio station. I have recurrent mestastic cancer requiring chemotherapy. I lost all my hair. I came to City Looks looking for “more wigs”. I was helped by Deb and Katrina who reconditioned my old wig. Deb found several wigs for me to try and found the perfect one. I am constantly getting compliments on “my hair”. I returned today because I saw another wig that caught my eye! Deb cut it to suit me. It’s beautiful! They (Deb and Katrina) have made me feel comfortable since losing my hair was very difficult for me. Thank you City Looks!

FROM: Patti

Working with Deb was a life changing experience! I bought a wig and a hairpiece. I’ve never been happier! Love them both! Now I don’t have to worry about “is the wind going to blow and show my thinning hair??” Goodbye to “bad hair days!” Thank you Deb

FROM: Barbara

Hi Deb, I am so happy and thrilled with the wig that I purchased from you in January that I felt I had to let you know about the difference it has made in my life. My husband and family say it looks like my real hair and I have received countless compliments on “her.” To make it more personal, I have named my wig “Penelope” so now my family and friends know who Penelope is when I refer to her!!! At first I did not know how to handle the compliments from strangers but have decided that when I receive one, I will point to my hair and say her name is Penelope and that she is from City Looks! On Wednesday, I had to attend a function to receive a 5 years of service award for volunteer work. Knowing that there would be a lot of people in attendance, I was nervous but that was quickly put to ease when I was greeted with “hottie” and “sexy mama”! The ultimate was when I was told I looked beautiful by a man that I had only met once before. I was very touched and had tears in my eyes. THANK YOU for your assistance in giving me back my self esteem as I continue on my journey of recovery. I am very grateful.

FROM: Cheryl

I refer to Deb as an angel God placed in my path during this difficult journey. I had purchased two bad wigs from another supplier and noticed the wigs at City Looks when I came in for a pedicure. I thought “maybe I need another one !?” I called for an appointment and met Deb. I liked her right away and felt very comfortable. I got an awesome wig!! I couldn’t get home fast enough to surprise my husband. I was sick, sixty… yet now sexy. So much fun! Deb and I shared our faith and she left me with a very powerful message.

FROM: Mrs. G. Howard

Dear Deb,

Thank you for making time for me and my family.  You were so perceptive and I felt your sincere care.  This was appreciated.  Also your respect for how your cared for me.  The wig you picked and we choose has been a great fit.  I have had many compliments.  Some people and my past c-workers thought it was just me.  Thank you again.

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