Terapo Medik Well-Being Kit


Women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy have much less active sebaceous glands and papillae, causing the skin and scalp to become very dry, sensitive and irritated.   When treatments are complete, the hair usually regrows. The papillary cycle is restarting, but the hair is still new and weak.  This kit will help to soothe and cool the scalp, as well as stimulate and clean the hair follicle to help kick start regrowth.  This will also help hydrate the scalp and increase the density of the regrowth.  The importance of hair loss and how fast they grow back varies from person to person. Every treatment and every patient is different.  We provide detailed instructions for our guests with each kit.


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Specially formulated for sensitive scalps due to chemotherapy and cranial radiation therapy.

This care kit (made in Quebec) is specifically designed to offer our guests moisture to their scalp throughout the terapy period, using gentle, natural active ingredients specially designed to target teh negavite effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Formulated to:

  • Counteract hair loss in men
  • Prevent and slow down the process of male pattern baldness
  • Prevent loss of hair density
  • Stimulate hair growth

High concentration of natural active ingredients

These Térapo Medik ® products are based on 100% natural active ingredients such as calendula oil, hydrolyzed corn starch and an amino acid complex. They have soothing activity that soothes the itch while stimulating the hair follicles and regulating the hair cycle.

Kit Contains

Terapo Medik Vitascalp Shampoo 250ml
Terapo Medik Hydrascalp Shampoo 250ml
Terapo Medik Vitascalp Lotion 250ml
Terapo Medik Hydrascalp Lotion 90ml