Capilia Refreshing Conditioner


Healthy Hair starts with a healthy scalp. This is the philosophy behind the Capilia Trichology line. Microscopic analysis shows that over time, layers of dead skin and product residue build up on the scalp. And while most hair care products are made to make hair look nice, they seldom address the root of the problem, the place where the hair comes from: The scalp.

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Soothing formula for oily and irritated scalp

  • Soothe irritated scalp
  • Gives a fresh and cooling sensation on the scalp thanks to eucalyptus oil and Chinese mint
  • Provides silky and smooth hair

High concentration of natural active ingredients

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Without mineral oil
  • Without silicone

Capilia Trichology Refreshing Condioner (250 ml)