Body "IT STAYS" Adhesive


Use It Stays  by rolling directly on to clean, dry skin. Adhesive will last 12-24 hours; remove with water and mild soap. Best for those wanting light tack, water soluble adhesive for securing scarves and headwear. Not suitable for active clients or hot climates.

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To use:

Simply apply a small amount to skin, under the article you want to hold in place

Formulated to:

  • Developed  for wigs and hairpieces
  • Will hold up surgical stocking, panty hose, shoulder straps
  • Will hold up theatrical make up or devices
  • Roll-on applicator to apply with ease
  • Complete comfort and flexibility of movement
  • Non-irritating or staining to skin or clothing
  • Washes off with water

Body “IT STAYS” Adhesive (60ml)