What is the Well-Being Kit and why we insist on recommending it!

@ City Looks | Posted on January 18, 2022

The Well-Being Kit is an amazing product made for the time spent in chemotherapy. This kit is designed to help you take care of your scalp while the chemo is taking care of the cancer. It contains 2 shampoos and 2 serums; Hydrascalp and Vitascalp. 

Hydrascalp shampoo is loaded with moisture which your scalp is going to need because of the dormant state the follicles will be in. Vitascalp shampoo has nutrients for your scalp. Alternating these 2 shampoos will help keep your scalp soft and supple as the function of the hair follicles go dormant. The 2 serums each have important functions while your scalp is in this state. Every day during treatment, until 30 days after your last chemo treatment, adding a few drops of the Hydrascalp serum will add the needed moisture to keep your scalp comfortable and flexible. Daily application of this serum is a crucial addition for scalp care and the preparation for the returning hair after. We advise you to keep alternating the shampoos until they are done, as they are excellent for the hair as it begins to regrow. 30 days after your last chemo treatment you will replace the daily use of Hydrascalp serum with the Vitascalp serum. Vitascalp serum is filled with vitamins, nutrients and amino acids that will help to wake up the dormant follicles with a nudge to the stem cells, and stimulate the microcirculation to bring more oxygen and nutrients. Additional nutrients from the serum will assist in the health of the follicle for the regrowing hair. 60 and 90 days after your last chemo treatment we recommend a kickstart treatment. This is an intensive moisturizing and nourishing treatment to assist your hair in its ‘come back’. It is scheduled for an hour in a private room. 

It is common to experience uncomfortable sensations, even some pain, as your hair begins to fall. Before your hair gets to a stage of becoming matted as it falls, we recommend ‘taking it down’, cropping it very short, not shaved to the scalp. (Contact us for more information on our service to help you with this, or for instructions for how to do this with a loved one.) As the hair follicles turn off and the scalp becomes more dry it shrinks up and can become cemented shut. Think about curling ribbon, the tighter the pressure you use the more curly the ribbon becomes. Now think about when your treatments are finished, the hair is going to try to desperately grow through a cemented shut follicular funnel. The result is called chemo curl, and we want to avoid as much of it as possible. We want to help your hair come back as close to what it was before. It will grow a little slower than average, and it will come back more quickly for some than others, and for a few there is a small chance that it may not return. We are here to walk with you as you lose, and later regrow your hair.