What are the goals for your hair?

@ City Looks | Posted on January 18, 2022

What are the goals for your hair?

Welcome to 2022. Do you make new year’s resolutions? Do you have goals for the year? We make them for our health, family, and businesses; how about for your hair? 

This year I will be celebrating 30 years in the hairstyling industry. I love what I’ve done, what I currently do, and how our industry has changed over the years. This is an industry that constantly changes and grows, to keep current you need to be committed to educating yourself. I remember being introduced to a new thought after purchasing a CD set. The speaker was stylist Robert Cromeans. He asked his guests “what are the goals for your Hair?” At the  time it was a new thought for me to consider more than the short term appointment of the current color and cut that was scheduled in my books and maybe their next appointment 4 weeks later. Goals take you further into the future. This caused me to start helping my guests plan longer and further ahead. I would need to keep their hair healthier so we could proceed with future color changes in the upcoming seasons. It changed the way I would help my guests care  for their hair over the long term, helping them to achieve the goals they had.

Here I am today as a trichologist, loving that I get to plan for the future of my guests’ scalp and hair care. What does this look like today? This looks like long term healthy hair and scalp. For one guest it is the maintenance and care for a dandruff free scalp, and not worrying about the flakes that once embarrassed them. For another it is the regrowth of hair that was being lost due to an imbalance of a nutrient. For another guest this is the maintenance of their hair replacement system and the blending to their biological hair. 

So, what are the goals for YOUR hair?