@ City Looks | Posted on July 9, 2020

The Restorative Scalp Facial is our starting point with scalp care that leads to better hair. Scalp and hair treatment all at once. This is the foundation of starting to develop thicker strong healthy hair. It is important to make sure that the ecosystem of your scalp is in optimum condition for hair growth. Hair has a life cycle. Each follicle has its own timeline that can shorten or possibly extend the life cycle of each hair strand, depending on the health of its environment. This includes the health of the scalp that it’s growing from and the nutrients that we provide. The nutrients are fed to the bottom of the follicle through our circulation. These nutrients provided are used to create the strand of hair and are mostly amino acids that bind together to make the protein called keratin. Many things happen to our hair if the proper nutrients are not provided. 

  1. It can age more quickly (thinning)
  2. It can be in a less healthy state (dull lifeless flat) 
  3. In some cases it can fall out faster. 

It’s important you know that nutrients can be provided to your follicle through your scalp directly. Capilia Treatments at City Looks, uses an all natural, Canadian made products that can be absorbed into the scalp and used by the follicle to assist in growing stronger hair, stimulate the stem cells, and bring blood flow with oxygen and more nutrients. 

It contains a concentration of the amino acids required by the follicle to build the protein, hence sandwiching the follicle with the nutrients best suited for growth; and it helps to regulate the lifecycle of the hair, keeping it in the growing stage longer.

This restorative treatment is a 4 step process where we remove unwanted excess oils, mixed with sweat and environmentals, that have accumulated on your scalp and begun to suffocate your hair strand by congesting the follicle. 

We begin with an anti-residue shampoo which will begin the process of breaking up the collected oils and removing them from the scalp. 

The second step is a purifying treatment called a bactericidal soak. This step tingles (for many guests) as it deeply cleanses the follicles with properties that are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antipruritic. It is making sure the ecology of the scalp is being put back into its best health. During this step we add a protein moisturizer treatment for your hair fibers to help build the hair strand. 

Thirdly, we balance the pH of the scalp to keep the ecology where it has been optimized. The end of the treatment is a massage with our sealing conditioner. This conditioner seels the outer layer of the hair shaft called the cuticle. The cuticle is responsible for keeping the moisture and proteins inside the hair, when it is damaged the hair can suffer from the inside, becoming damaged as well, so it is important to keep this layer in great shape, it is the protector of the hair. As an added bonus in our treatments we will demonstrate how to use serum at home, providing those nutrients for your hair daily. This serum is natural and will not penetrate the scalp if there is too much residue and product build up, we recommend a treatment so that this serum is most effective.

Fourthly we will finish the hair with a professional blowdry.  A clean up haircut is available for an additional fee.

We encourage a 20 minute follow-up to be pre-booked to ensure maximum effectiveness.

 Everyone can benefit from a deep cleansing,protein building, moisturizing treatment. Clean open follicles help the scalp breathe; giving your hair the ability to grow thicker at the root. Helping your hair age better, longer, and even a little fatter. Scalp treatments are done in a private room, a heavenly experience, and take approx 2 hours for $159. 

Healthy Scalp Equals Healthy Hair!