@ City Looks | Posted on May 19, 2020

Have I spoken about why you should keep your scalp clean? Have I made it seem important enough that you are shampooing every day, or closely enough? It is this important if you would like to keep your hair on your head a little longer. 

Why is it this important to shampoo daily? We have sweat and oil glands that produce and secrete every day. Eventually this oil can solidify and clog the follicle, which will make the hair diameter thinner. We see that hair has a difficult time growing through the build up of oils on the scalp and will even get trapped in the oil and not be a hair that gets brushed. I see this through my microscope often, it looks like I am looking through ice and there is a hair trapped inside. Another example is like seeing those trapped bugs in amber. 

How should we be using shampoo? We should be using it daily. Your hair will need to be wet, then we add shampoo to our hands. The size of a dime should be sufficient. Spread the shampoo though your hands first then apply to your scalp all over. Spreading the shampoo before beginning to lather, concentrating on an application to the scalp not the hair. Once it is all over the scalp, you can begin to lather with a scrubbing motion using the pads of your fingers. The products we recommend bring a creamy lather rather than a bubbly one, it is more intense than airy. If you find the shampoo did not lather much at all we first recommend you add more water. Water is the catalyst for shampoo, it’s what makes it work. There are times where a second lather of shampoo will be required. If you had a particularly stressful day you will have secreted more oil and sweat and might need a little more cleansing action. Possibly you used more product that day as it is getting closer to your haircut appointment. If a second lather is needed, go ahead. Once a lather is achieved, let it sit on your scalp for a few minutes, I recommend 5 min. The shampoo is made to cleanse, and some have added benefits for other issues that may be bothersome to your scalp, giving them time to work. Then rinse.

Conditioner is made for your hair fibers only! We recommend that in the application of conditioner that you concentrate it to the hair fibers, not to be placed on your clean scalp. The conditioners are there to add moisture and proteins to the hair structure and are of no benefit to your scalp, they can be heavy and will lead to more build up on the scalp. The hair fibers are not living fibers once they have emerged from the scalp and we need to treat them differently than the living tissue that is our skin, our scalp. Let the conditioner sit on your hair fibers for a few minutes. Then rinse.

Now what? You have cleansed the scalp and conditioned the hair fibers. I suggest towel drying your hair and scalp next, and then adding some nutrients to the scalp. This is in the form of a serum and it will not cause build up to the scalp. The serums we use have different functions depending on your needs, each one provides nutrients. You apply a few drops to and massage into your scalp. No, you don’t need to be an expert at massage, but this will still feel nice. The serums are left on, do not rinse. These are applied once a day to bring nutrients to your hair follicle.