@ City Looks | Posted on April 14, 2020

Cindy is our wig centre coordinator. She keeps our centre organized and running smoothly which makes our space welcoming and makes the environment pleasant for us to work in. She is always prepared to greet you with her warm smile and kind heart as she takes care of your scheduled appointments and our stock. In order to coordinate our schedules with our guests as well as all of our orders, Cindy’s patience and humour comes in very handy. She is often your first contact and is always available to answer any follow up questions. 

Our strongest support person here in the center is Cindy, she takes care of us as a team. Her vast knowledge of our very large inventory, their styles and their colors makes her invaluable. Her humility, honesty, and genuine nature are what make her an expert in guest care. Cindy has been at City Looks since 2012.

All work and no play makes us a little dull… In her time away from the salon, Cindy enjoys her 4 children as they are growing up fast. They keep her busy with their sporting events, but every now and then she enjoys escaping to tropical beaches.


Kali is our primary stylist, amazing colorist and special event hair specialist. Her creative eye and technical expertise give her the ability to help you find your style, color and image. She began her career in the hair industry in 2006 and over the years, her patience to grow and develop these skills show her dedication to her guests in an industry she loves. Kalis’ loving heart and kind demeanor will make your visit beautiful and relaxing. One of her strengths is teaching you to care for your look and sharing tips on how you can style your look at home.

Caring for hair replacement solutions has quickly become a love interest of Kali’s. Specializing in the wig center over the last few years by cutting, coloring and styling our guests’ replacement hair, extensions, or top extensions, she loves to make sure each piece is customized to the individual.

Kali is anything but dull! In her time away from the salon, she loves to spend it outdoors keeping active. Running brings her peace and recharges her soul. We can see her soft heart in the love she has for her furry family and friends.


Nicole has a deep passion for education and is currently pursuing certification in the field of trichology with the International Trichology Association. She enjoys sharing her knowledge by educating each guest to help them attain their optimum scalp health and to help them grow better hair. Nicole’s ability to explain complicated concepts can help make your own scalp situations more understandable and less embarrassing. One of her objectives is to disband the shame that women feel when it comes to hair loss and scalp issues. 

Her journey in the hair industry began in 1992, and is now continuing where she is driven to find the products and treatments that are just right for your specific scalp needs or hair loss. Sometimes the solution can be hair replacement. Finding the right style, color, and fit for your image is always a fulfilling experience.

A mother of 2, Nicole keeps busy in her time away from the centre caring for her family. Her faith community is where she recharges herself as she finds small pockets of time to go running.


Deb is the visionary who, with her partners, in 2012, began to fill the hole in our city with the creation of our wig & scalp centre. She has been in the hair industry since 1984 and is no stranger to keeping herself and her team educated. This includes seeking out her own mentors to acquire the knowledge needed in this expanding field of scalp care and hair replacement. Not all products are created equal and she is always looking to keep our guests in the very best products available. 

Deb is the heart of the wig centre. Her sincerity and authenticity make her a great mentor, one we find to be worthy of following. The knowledge she has collected and shared with her team from her vast experience in the hair industry,together within the wig centre, is to benefit our guests and the lives they want to lead. She will advocate for the best interest of each of our guests.

With the life experience Deb has accumulated she has learned how to care for herself so she can keep her energy up for the others who are in her care. She has enjoyed designing her favorite space into an area of tranquility, escape and family fun. Family and friends are important to her and staying connected with board games, cards and puzzles challenge and continue her personal growth. She is part of a  faith community where her husband is a youth pastor; they both support and inspire each other every day. They have 4 grown children and grandchildren, and of course there is Albert, their adorable puggle. Albert makes sure that Deb gets outside for her fresh air and a dose of nature, which she enjoys very much.