@ City Looks | Posted on April 14, 2020

Let them know how you feel about them, share something about them that is positive. Send a simple Text that doesn’t need a response.This is a great way to check in on them.

Call before visiting, when we are not feeling well it is difficult to have surprise visitors.

Listen to understand. Not listening to respond, or fix something, just to hear what is being said and shared. 

It is always nice to laugh with friends. 

This can seem awkward and uncomfortable, but time spent in quiet when there is sadness can be comforting, especially when done with friends. 

How can you help? Maybe drive to an appointment, bring a meal, watch their children, walk the dogs, help clean. 

Those who are caring full time may need some help, from household tasks to earrands, and emotionally as well.

Many times after the Appointments for treatments are done it is easy to think that the healing is good and we are no longer needed, but this is not the end. It takes a very long time to recover from what the body has been through, and there may be after medications that will keep this process of healing from going forward as quickly as we hoped. Check in, ask.