@ City Looks | Posted on February 11, 2020

In 2012 the owners’ of City Looks Salon, Spa and Wig Center saw the need in our city for what seems to have been a missing component in women’s health and wellness. Here we are, thriving in our amazing industry of caring for people’s hair and now helping those in need to find more hair for their thinning locks.

Women now comprise 40% of the hair loss industry, and cancer is not the leading cause. Androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss, is what is driving the need for hair replacement options. By the age of 65, 80% of women will have experienced some form of hair loss. Being worried about our hair loss makes many of us feel shame about how vain we think we might be, although I need to share that this is such wrong thinking! Hair loss can be an indicator for so many changes that occur in our bodies as well as some illnesses that may need to be addressed. There is no shame in advocating for our own health! 

What do we specialize in? Finding you more hair, some hair, keeping what hair you have, and scalp care during all these processes. We have treatments to encourage hair regrowth in particular circumstances, and for keeping your scalp in its best form for growing great hair. Your journey with us would begin with a scalp consultation or a wig consultation. 

What can you expect in a scalp consultation with us? This appointment is booked for 40 min, giving you 10 min or so to complete an extensive consultation form to help us narrow your concerns and what might be behind those concerns. We will discuss your concerns, examine your scalp and examine your scalp using our  trichoscope to look more specifically for inflammation and residue build up that can cause irritations. We make suggestions for products custom suited to your needs and course of treatments that might also be suited for your situation. All in a private room. The rate for this service is $20. We try to keep this low to encourage guests to learn more about what they can do to help with hair loss. 

What can you expect in a wig consultation with us? We carry a large selection of styles from several distributors to accomodate your needs. We work with top of the head pieces to full wigs, in both synthetic, heat defiant and human hair. Whether it is a clip system, tape in or bonding we will guide you to find what works best for you and your lifestyle. We will discuss the importance of keeping a healthy scalp in all situations as we help you to determine your hair loss needs in replacement. With our professional team and their  technical & creative skills you will never feel alone trying to find your style and color. We work by appointment only so we can reserve 60 min in one of our private rooms for you. Your first consultation with us is complimentary. 

After your consultation, we will also take care of you. We are a full service salon for your ‘girl’, we can cut, style, and provide maintenance to your piece if she was to become a little frayed. We can also update colors on most human pieces after they may have faded in the sun. And so much more.We look forward to meeting you.


Enjoy today’s sunshine.  

Written By Nicole N-Women’s Scalp & Wig Specialist