Skin Care Tip

@ City Looks | Posted on April 16, 2019

By reducing the inflammation of the breakout, you are automatically reducing the size of it. Ice can reduce the redness as well as helping with the pain that comes with more cystic acne. ??

Make sure to follow these steps at home to properly use this technique and not to damage the skin. ??

??Make sure your skin is clean! ??

Cleanse and tone your skin?,?

Exfoliate if it is needed,?

Ice your breakouts?, ?

Follow up with a serum?,?

And finish with your moisturizer. ?

(Don’t forget to put on SPF!)??

??NOTE: if you are using a stimulating treatment at home, use that before doing an ice treatment. ??

??Wrap ice in a (clean) thin cloth or a thick paper towel. Gently apply pressure to a break out, leaving it on an area no longer than 1 minute. If you feel like the breakout is very inflamed and you need to ice it again, wait at least 5 minutes in between icing so that it doesn’t damage the skin around the breakout. ??

??Keep in mind that you are using a frozen material on the skin and you want to avoid giving yourself frostbite! Make sure you are only doing this for short intervals and making sure the ice is wrapped properly. ??

??While using ice helps with the inflammation you shouldn’t rely solely on this to clear your skin. Making sure to keep up with a great home care routine as well as regular facials will help keep your skin looking it’s best!