How To Recover From Chemically Damaged Hair

@ City Looks | Posted on July 31, 2018

Toss Out Over The Counter Shampoos

Inexpensive products tend to contain cheap ingredients like alcohol and astringent sulphates, which can lead to more damage to the hair by not providing the right nutrients.

Use A Salon Quality Protein-Rich Home Care Line

These protein-rich products will add strength back into weak and damaged hair.  Using Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner will ensure you never over-proteinize your hair.   

Deep Condition

Damaged hair is void of moisture and applying the right deep hydrating mask after shampooing for 3-5 minutes will soften the outer cuticle of the hair and keep it soft and moisturized.

Reserve A Professional Treatment

Your stylist has access to many bond repairing treatments.  These treatments will penetrate down to the core of the hair for deep healing and repair.  You will notice an immediate difference.

Regular And Routine Hair Cuts

Make sure all the dead stuff is cut off to prevent further spliting.  Our hair will grow on average  1/2 inch per month.  That is 6 inches per year.