Comfort Caps For Cancer Patients

@ City Looks | Posted on September 11, 2017

Going The Extra Mile To Ensure Comfort

We carry a Bamboo Liner than can be sewn into the interior of your wig for extra comfort.

PLUS we also have a lovely bamboo cap for everyday wear or sleeping. You can dress them up or wear them plain and cozy like a pair of sweats.
Some Cancer patients will get yeast infections on their scalps from their treatments. Bamboo material is soft and comfortable and will not grab on to scabs and pull them off.  ALSO, remember that our Well Being Kits will help with the healing of these secondary issues.
• Bamboo is hypoallergenic
• Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
• It resists odour
• Bamboo Fabric is breathable and thermally regulating – “cooler” than hemp, wool or any synthetic fibre
• Shrinkage on washing any bamboo material is minimal
• Alopecia guests that suffer from psoriasis will find the bamboo material helps because it is anti-microbial