Restore Hair Growth After Chemotherapy

@ City Looks | Posted on September 5, 2017

Well-Being Care Kit & Capilia

Chemotherapy and Radiation

We carry a dedicated range of products that care for a patient’s scalp and hair during and after treatments.

Hair loss is a sensitive matter for Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy patients. City Looks carries a kit that contains products with specific and unique care for the hair and scalp: The Terapo Medik, soon to be renamed Capilia Well-Being Care Kit, addresses some specific issues chemotherapy and cranial radiation patients face.


Chemotherapy agents and radiation can damage hair follicles and disturb the balance of oils in the skin underneath the scalp, resulting in the scalp becoming itchy, dry and somewhat flaky. The Well-Being Care Kit contains lotions and shampoos that hydrate and relive dry scalp, easing the discomfort experienced during and after treatments. These products also help unplug congestion follicles caused from medications, stress and hormone imbalances, giving your hair the best chance to regrow healthy and strong.


Hair loss during such a vulnerable time can be even more distressing to patients. The amount of hair loss depends on the length and intensity of the treatment, but in most cases this hair loss is usually temporary. Cellular division at the follicular level is halted but the dermal papilla (root) is not destroyed. The growth cycle resumes between 30 and 60 days after the end of treatment. While our products cannot prevent hair loss, their active natural ingredients will nurture before and throughout treatment and can foster healthy regrowth.

Two months after your last chemotherapy we offer a kick-start treatment for $99 its like a facial for the scalp to get blood flow and oxygen into the follicles. We will look at your scalp with a microscope and assess your post treatment care needs for you scalp.



Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment is already a lot to deal with. The trauma and discomfort most often caused by hair loss are an additional burden. The hair and scalp will need cleaning, moisturizing and stimulation daily before, during and after these medical treatment. Patients can look after themselves and address the side effects of their treatment from home. 

  • Hydrascalp Shampoo and Lotion address scalp discomfort resulting from treatment (itching, dryness, sensitivity) with calendula oil, hydrolyzed cornstarch and witch-hazel extract.
  • Vitascalp shampoo and Lotion assist regrowth with an active organic concentrate of amino acids, proteins and vitamins.

These products, as well as a range of specific services are available at our center. I hope you will find this information useful. We are always available to provide advice in the centre or by phone or email.



If you choose to take your hair down yourself at home, please be careful not to cut too close to the scalp. Going too close to the scalp with clippers can cause ingrown hairs and additional discomfort. We offer this service for free with a purchase of wig and a scalp treatment. This service is also available to you for a fee of $85 if you do not choose to purchase a wig from.