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@ City Looks | Posted on July 11, 2017

Wigs & Hair pieces – Getting to know your “GIRL” & how to care for her

Maintaining your Synthetic wig is important to keeping her looking great and extending her life.  Not keeping her clean or over-washing are both causes of a shortened life. If you are wearing her daily, the wig can be washed every 2 weeks.

Keeping your scalp clean on a daily basis with proper shampoo will extend the life of your purchased hair. Q-shi (pronounced Q-SHAY) is an amazing Living Enzyme spray that helps to remove oil from your scalp as well as on your spare hair. This spray will help with eliminating odor and keeping you and your girl fresh and clean. This amazing product is available at City Looks.

When you take your girl off to sleep at night, it’s best to wipe down the inside of the wig with a facecloth, lightly spray the inside with Q-shi and store her on her stand.  Keep her away from direct heat and steam. Opening oven doors, BBQ’s, fireplaces, fire pits, saunas and hot tubs is not your friend. Do not use curling irons or hair blowers on your girl. Rollers are a great choice if you want a bit of bend or to change the hairs direction.  We can teach you how to style her or we can do it for you for a fee. The sun may fade the colour a bit but it will not damage her.

Wigs that are made with heat-resistant fibres are usually safe up to 350 F. Some of these wigs may have human hair mixed with heat resistant fibres. These girls look and feel like natural hair. You could be close to heat sources with these types of wigs but you still want to be careful. You can use curling irons at low to medium settings on these specific wigs. 

Human hair wigs are very close to your own natural hair. If they are exposed to the sun, the colour will eventually change/lighten and you may need to have her coloured to revive her.  Human hair is more expensive because it is natural hair. 

Finding the exact colour and style that you are looking for is our expertise. You have to look beyond what you are seeing in the mirror until we work our magic as nearly all wigs, whether Synthetic or Human Hair will need some thinning, cutting or shaping just for you. 

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